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Customized From Start to finish 

For most modern homes, the railing is the first thing people see when they walk in. There is something about a precisely engineered staircase, done with your flare, that creates a sense of character and homeliness.

Many may look at a staircase and consider it the centrepiece in your home. Unlike the one-dimensional nature of floors and walls, staircases present the opportunity to showcase individuality with extreme detail.

Let our experience at Jubilee Glass and Rail work for you to guarantee your project has the highest quality stair/railing made with optimalmaterials.

Jubilee Glass and Rail understood our vision. They  truly did an amazing job bringing it to fruition.  The professionalism and workmanship truly stood out to me and I would highly recommend them.

Ms. Wilson, Home Owner

How we do things:

We must maintain quality throughout the project and treat the design phase very seriously. Whether you are a homeowner or a home builder,  communication throughout the process is always made a priority. This allows us to maintain a timely process and keep your project on schedule.

We mix modern technology with old fashioned craftsmanship to create your art.

Things are done right the first time by using only the most professional installers. These are people who can tackle your designs with comfort and the fundamental knowledge required to adapt as things progress. 

High-Quality Materials

A high-quality staircase begins with high-quality wood. Jubilee Glass and Rails will work with the best wood suppliers and choose premium products that showcase a wood’s natural beauty.

Whether you are looking for the gorgeous color and grain patterns of hardwood like cherry, walnut, oak, and maple – or the stunning style of rare woods such as sapele and tigerwood – we guarantee your new staircase is going to pop!

Our team works with a different materials, including wood, glass, metal, steel or cable.

Stair Design

Stairs are often oversimplified as mere toots to help you travel from one place of your home to another. Our job is to take something simple and functional then make it gorgeous.

This starts with finding a desired style of staircase to complement your personal preferences. You can choose from the ultra modern looks of a mono stringer or open rise stair to create an open and spacious look. Or, if you have more traditional tastes, you can go with a classic design like a closed rise curved stair.

Some of our options include:

  • Straight

  • U-shaped

  • L-Shaped/winder stairs

  • Split

  • Mono-stringer

  • Circular

  • Curved

  • Spiral

  • Floating

  • Cantilever

Visit us at our showroom for a more visual idea of the unique styles of staircases we can create or check out our online gallery here.


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